Landing Page Optimization

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  • ClientCenters for Disease Control
    @Northrop Grumman
  • RoleUX Designer & Analytics
  • ToolsAxure, Adobe Analytics
New content is inevitable. The trick is to know how the site is organized, what pattern libraries exist, and what the current behavior is. So, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention needed to integrate their new data visualization tool, I was ready to take action.

What do you have?

First things first: you must know what you have before you add. Creating a sitemap helped me spot areas of duplication and a few unclear labels. But, the most important thing is that the new tool was most related to surveillance reports.

ABCs Sitemap
Pattern library

What patterns exist?

I went straight to CDC’s established pattern library to find designs available and the intentions behind them. I wanted to make sure we stayed true to the design. 

I browsed the CDC site to better understand how other design teams were using the components for their landing pages. I compared the different variations in a blink test. I took a quick moment to review each, asking myself: 

  • What do I immediately notice?
  • What can I do from here?
  • How does the page use the established design patterns well? Not so well?
  • How similiar is this page compared to others at CDC?
  • How does the layout feel?

What is the current behavior?

Analytics tell you what not why, but are great starting point to form hypotheses. Using Adobe Analytics, I pulled several clickmap reports on the existing landing page and landing pages of other programs.


The most clicked item was Surveillance reports, even with the placement lower on the page. Since the new tool is the visual companion to this information, incorporating the two together would help with discoverability. 

Improve CTA Effectiveness

Clicks on the right sidebar were low, considering the primary spot had the most popular link on the right. Banner blindness is probably most likely the culprit for low engagement. Rethinking these calls to action would be needed.

Mix Content

The text-heavy content could benefit from visuals and more focused content. Design patterns on other landing pages, like the 4-column card-like pattern, did not deter engagement like the right sidebar callouts.


New Concept

I wireframed up a new design landing page to incorporate the new visualization tool using all the information gathered.